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Sold! DEEP BLUE 115: A success story by Cantiere Delle Marche

Published: 17 January 2024
Sold! DEEP BLUE 115: A success story by Cantiere Delle Marche

Cantiere delle Marche S.r.l., a renowned name in the world of luxury yachting, proudly announces the sale of the Deep Blue 115 to a discerning American client, marking a significant milestone in the brand's expanding presence in the U.S. market.

Vasco Buonpensiere, co-founder and CEO of CdM, expresses his pride in this achievement: "From the autumn boat shows onward, we have ceaselessly dedicated ourselves to crafting and finalizing an impressive array of contracts. The enthusiasm and dedication with which we have approached this endeavor are palpable as the entire CdM team is involved, confirming our unwavering commitment to excellence in the explorer yacht segment." 

The Deep Blue 115, a vessel defined by cutting-edge technical specifications, represents a collaboration with DÖHLE YACHTS, elevating it to an undisputed pinnacle within its category. Buonpensiere further elaborates, "A notable American owner, with a taste for excellence, has entrusted Cantiere delle Marche with the creation of a Deep Blue 115. This ambition has been further improved by the collaboration with DÖHLE YACHTS, resulting in a project that stands as an undisputed pinnacle within its category." 

The American market's enthusiastic reception of CdM's offerings underscores the brand's commitment to growth and innovation. Buonpensiere adds, "This interest and demand witness our focus on expanding and fortifying our presence in this area. Our collaboration with IYC has been nothing short of exemplary, amplifying our reach and effectiveness in delivering unparalleled service and value to our clientele." 

The bespoke creation of the Deep Blue 115 has been an exceptional journey, as highlighted by Jamie Swaine from IYC’s London office: "With a truly one-of-a-kind design, this DEEP BLUE 115 offers the client a world cruising platform that is unrivaled in its functionality and sophistication. This highly customized creation in partnership with Cantiere delle Marche for my client has been an exceptional experience and one which shows the reason why they are the leader in full custom explorer yachts." 

Designed by Horacio Bozzo, the Deep Blue 115 inherits the legacy of its predecessor, the acclaimed 43m Acala. Horacio Bozzo shares his vision, "We conceived the Deep Blue 115 as a truly pocket gentleman’s superyacht with a strong explorer DNA and designed her lines to stand the test of time with elegance." 

This magnificent vessel boasts a robust steel hull, encompassing a gross tonnage of 299 GT. Powered by twin Caterpillar C18 engines delivering 533kW each, the Deep Blue 115 ensures a modest fuel consumption and an impressive range. Axis Group Yacht Design has meticulously crafted both the naval architecture and engineering of the yacht, promising exceptional performance and efficiency. 

Accommodating 10 guests in 5 cabins, including an Owner's apartment on the Main deck forward and 4 guest suites on the Lower deck, the Deep Blue 115 prioritizes comfort and luxury. A crew of 7 stands ready to attend to the guests' every need, ensuring an unparalleled onboard experience. 

The yacht's features include a large swimming pool on the Main deck aft, a tender garage on the port side, and openable sliding doors equipped with pneumatic gasketing. The interior, envisioned by Giorgio M. Cassetta, promises subtle elegance with exquisite details, further enhancing the yacht's allure. 

"We are thrilled to share that we are finalizing a series of contracts that will be unveiled in the coming weeks," Buonpensiere concludes. "Stay tuned for more groundbreaking news from Cantiere delle Marche as we relentlessly redefine the boundaries of luxury explorer yachting!"

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