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As yacht design evolved over the years, a beach club became a favourite feature onboard a modern luxury yacht superyacht. Earlier designs saw just an openable transom door. The latest trend is to get not only an area at the stern where you can get in and get out of the water but much more amenities such as a hot/cold shower, sitting area and also an onboard pool. On a hot summer day, the beach club is probably the area where the owners and guests will spend most of their time while the yacht is at anchor. The onboard pool is great for the owners with children who can see their small ones enjoying the water in complete safety.
The most recent innovation of the beach club is foldable bulwarks (‘wings’) what allows to enlarge the beach club area to accommodate more people if necessary. Another recent novelty is a pool with a moving floor. It makes it possible to change the depth of the pool. You can make it shallow for small children and adjust it deeper when adults join the youngsters.

Nowadays, all the leading yards have exceptional offerings in their model line-up. You can find the most well-organised beach clubs onboard Benetti Oasis 40, Oasis 34, Mangusta Oceano 43, Mangusta Oceano 50.

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