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Yachts with Water Jets for sale

Motor Yachts equipped with water jets: 

Waterjets become an obvious choice to get the boat moved when equipped with big powerful engines which bring the vessel to high speed. 

Waterjets can handle the power of the most powerful engines and provide the thrust to reach speeds up to 55 knots and even more. One of the great things about waterjets is the absence of noise and vibration. When water passes through the water jet, the flow becomes linear, and a yacht will not encounter the momentum which traditional left hand or right hand rotating shafts can create. You can see water jets with twin-engine setup onboard fast luxury yachts of 80 ft/24m and bigger. Also, there are fast yachts that have triple engines with even more power on hand. Port and starboard jets are steerable, while the central engine and water jet coupled to it is playing the role of a booster.

Fast yacht manufacturers install water jets for many years: Mangusta, Pershing, AB yachts, to name a few. Jets can propel a much bigger vessel, up to 180 meters long. The largest yacht with jets is 180 m Lürssen 'Azzam' equipped with two diesel engines, two gas turbines and four water jets. Another plus point is the reduced draft of the boat fitted by a water jet what allows it to enter the most shallow areas. One may ask what the downsides of water jets are? The downside is the fuel burn rate.  Usually, vessels equipped with water jets have less autonomy than traditional shafts.

Manufacturers with a distinguished history and reliability build the most dependable water jet units - KaMeWa and MJP.
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