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Damen Yachting Unveils Second Yacht Support 53 - "FIVE OCEANS"

Published: 14 March 2024
by: Amels
Damen Yachting Unveils Second Yacht Support 53 - "FIVE OCEANS"

Damen Yachting is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest addition to the Yacht Support YS5302 series. This 53-meter Yacht Support, the second from the YS53 design series, was unveiled in a grand ceremony in Antalya, Turkey, where her proud Owner officially christened her as "FIVE OCEANS."

The unveiling ceremony at the Damen Yachting build facility in Antalya was a moment of excitement for all attendees. It provided the first opportunity to witness the unique color scheme of this Yacht Support vessel. Featuring a striking sky-blue hull, the design visually aligns with the ambitious and adventurous nature of the yacht's upcoming voyages, inspired by the Owner's passion for motor racing and deep connection to the oceans.


Rob Dolling, Founder & CEO at VERPEKA DOLLING Superyachts, the Monaco-based yacht sales and charter company, played a pivotal role in the journey of FIVE OCEANS. He assisted the Owner with the sale, managed the project build on the Owner’s behalf, and will continue to oversee the vessel's ongoing operations. Dolling commented, “This new generation Yacht Support platform is impeccably designed and engineered, offering the ideal foundation for the Owner's expansive global plans for FIVE OCEANS. Our requests and enhancements, even the more elaborate ones, were seamlessly integrated with precision into the remarkable end result.”


Much of the build details of YS5302 had been kept under wraps, shrouded in secrecy until recently. Owner Tommy Allen, also the Founder and Director of Five Oceans Global Solutions, shared glimpses of the exciting plans for YS53 FIVE OCEANS as part of the Damen Yachting YS Insider series. Allen's vision for cutting-edge technology, marine exploration, and environmental preservation will be at the core of FIVE OCEANS' operations. “You can sleep on it, fly off of it and move it. For us, the Yacht Support is a platform that enables us to achieve all the incredible endeavors we have in mind,” expressed Tommy Allen, Owner of YS53 FIVE OCEANS.


YS53 FIVE OCEANS embodies two decades of successful Yacht Support experience, showcasing a profound understanding of high-end yacht operations, global adventure lifestyles, and exceptional technical solutions. Jan van Hogerwou, Commercial Executive at Damen Yachting, has been instrumental in the project from its inception. “We are honored to unveil this remarkable 53-meter Yacht Support today. YS53 FIVE OCEANS will embark on missions to research life beneath the ocean's surface, a cause central to Mr. Allen's endeavors. This Yacht Support platform reflects an important vision that we are privileged to contribute to,” remarked Jan van Hogerwou. "Seeing her poised for the final stages of her build before delivery in just a few months is the beginning of an exciting journey."


YS53 FIVE OCEANS - Highlights:

  • Yacht Support 53 (53.25 meters / 175 feet)
  • Delivery: 2024
  • Accommodates 8 guests, 10 crew plus Captain
  • Interior Design by Damen Yachting with Owner's input
  • Exterior Design by Damen Yachting
  • Naval Architecture by Damen Yachting

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