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The Evolution continues - Flexplorer 146 Mat launched

Published: 19 June 2024
The Evolution continues - Flexplorer 146 Mat launched

The Flexplorer 146 Mat represents a significant advancement in the series' development. While maintaining the core concept of the Flexplorer line, Mat introduces substantial innovations in equipment, layout, accommodations for owners, guests, and crew, and deck configuration compared to Maverick, the first Flexplorer 146 delivered last month. Mat exemplifies the series’ adaptability and flexibility to meet each owner's unique desires and specifications.

With the Flexplorer line, Cantiere delle Marche showcases its exceptional ability to transform a semi-custom explorer yacht into a fully custom masterpiece. While we offer base designs such as the Flexplorer, RJ, Deep Blue, and Darwin lines to guide owners on the style and character of their yacht, they have the freedom to personalize every aspect. The number of decks, for instance, can vary, highlighting the extensive customization available in design, naval architecture, and engineering. This extensive level of personalization is what truly defines our concept of semi-custom,” says Ennio Cecchini, Executive Chairman and Founder of Cantiere delle Marche. “This range is giving us great satisfaction both commercially and, above all, by enhancing our reputation in the yachting community and solidifying our position as world leaders in explorer yacht building.

The latest Flexplorer 146 maintains the robust, exploration-ready aesthetic the series is known for, but features a sleeker profile with one less deck compared to the first Flexplorer 146. This significant difference is complemented by another series first: it does not include the iconic A-frame crane seen on both Aurelia, Flexplorer 130, and Maverick, Flexplorer 146. Instead, the owner opted for an innovative technical feature, the ‘invisible crane’ that debuted on the RJ series explorer yachts by Cantiere delle Marche. This crane is concealed within the thickness of the Sun deck overhang and emerges to handle large tenders and multiple water-toys. After use, the crane retracts into its compartment, transforming the expansive aft deck with collapsible bulwarks into a large outdoor lounging area just steps from the sea. As with the entire Flexplorer line, Mat has been masterfully designed by Hydro Tec, which also developed the yacht’s naval architecture and engineering. The interiors, crafted by Nauta Design, blend elegance and functionality, perfectly capturing the spirit of this eye-catching explorer yacht.

We are very happy with Mat, the sixth successful collaboration between Cantiere delle Marche and Nauta,” says Mario Pedol, founder of Nauta Design. He adds, “Mat’s interiors are spacious and well-balanced. All guest areas feature large windows that bring light and views into the interior, enhancing the indoor-outdoor connection. The yacht’s interior architecture is clean and refined, with natural materials that are pleasantly tactile and light, welcoming colors. The play of reflected light brings an element of constant movement to the interiors, enlivening and enriching the appeal of clean forms and natural tones.

With a Gross Tonnage of 475GT, Mat features generous social and private spaces for the owners and up to ten guests across three decks plus a spacious Sun deck. A crew of nine manages the yacht’s operations, ensuring the comfort of owners and guests. Measuring 44.50m and with a displacement of 445t, Mat is equipped with 65,000-liter fuel tanks powering twin Caterpillar C32 engines, each developing 746kW. This configuration enables a top speed of 14 knots and a range of over 5,000 nautical miles at 10 knots.

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