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Feadship announces winner of the YDOY Award

Published: 29 January 2024
Feadship announces winner of the YDOY Award

Indonesia's Pradipta R. Hakim clinched the prestigious 2024 Young Designer of the Year (YDOY) Award with his groundbreaking concept yacht, Blueminance. This year marks Feadship's inaugural sponsorship of the YDOY, an initiative aimed at nurturing creativity and excellence within the yacht design realm. The announcement took place last night amidst the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards ceremony in the enchanting setting of Kitzbühel, Austria.

The esteemed YDOY accolade stands as a significant platform for budding designers to exhibit their talents and garner recognition within the superyacht industry. "At Feadship, we are staunch advocates for fostering emerging talent and cultivating a culture of achievable innovation in yacht design. This collaboration with BOAT International Media enables us to share our profound passion and vast expertise with the next generation of designers," remarked Farouk Nefzi, Chief Marketing Officer at Feadship.

This year's participants, all under 28 years of age, were tasked with envisioning themselves as junior designers within Studio De Voogt, Feadship's esteemed design division. Their challenge was to craft a superyacht concept design that could grace Feadship's yacht show displays. The brief demanded futuristic visions, incorporation of environmental innovations, utilization of current and 'near-future' technology, and the creation of a comprehensive, functional deck layout. Designers had free rein over the yacht's length and were required to render their interior design concepts, anticipating the evolving onboard lifestyles of future owners.

A distinguished panel of twelve superyacht design luminaries sifted through 26 entries to select six finalists, culminating in a day-long deliberation and decision. Jury Chairman Roger Lean-Vercoe lauded Hakim's work, stating, "His well-presented design showcased robust, innovative, and visually appealing lines, complemented by an exceptionally detailed general arrangement plan and an enticing interior design."

Tanno Weeda, Head of Design at Studio De Voogt, expressed intrigue at Hakim's presentation, saying, "It immediately piqued my curiosity, leaving me eager to delve deeper. Hakim provided compelling rationale for his concept. I am confident it embodies a buildable, Feadship-worthy design."

A fervent supporter of Feadship's collaboration with Boat International Media for the seventeenth edition of the YDOY program, Weeda emphasized, "It is crucial for young talents to flourish within the yachting industry and stay abreast of new technologies. We aim to inspire a generation of forward-thinking individuals, unbound by conventional design constraints, to thrive and excel in the yachting sphere."yacht-news-2024-01-29-feadship-contest-gallery-004.png

Victorious designer Pradipta R. Hakim is a student at Indonesia's Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, a public university nestled in Surabaya, East Java, renowned for its focus on science, engineering, and innovation, particularly in sectors supporting industry and the maritime domain. In addition to exclusive opportunities throughout the year to visit Feadship and prominent superyacht exhibitions, Hakim also secures a coveted cash prize of €3,000 to propel his career aspirations forward.

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