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Ocean Alexander is a Taiwanese yacht builder with shipyards in Taiwan and the United States

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About Ocean Alexander

Ocean Alexander is a Taiwanese yacht builder with shipyards in Taiwan and the United States. In 2021, it was the 4th largest yacht builder in the world by feet of yacht produced.

Two generations of one family have managed Ocean Alexander for four decades. With manufacture in Taiwan and the United States, Ocean Alexander is consistently one of the top selling brands for large yachts in the U.S. and currently produces models ranging from 84 to 120 feet.

Ocean Alexander history

Ocean Alexander was founded by Alex Chueh in 1977. The company has had a long tie with American boat designer Ed Monk, JR son of the legendary Ed Monk, sr. The current President of Ocean Alexander is Alex’s son John Chueh. Ocean Alexander closed the yard in China in 2013, In 2018, 70% of yachts produced by Ocean Alexander were for American customers.

Ocean Alexander model series

Ocean Alexander offers clients a comprehensive collection of luxury crafts with four distinct ranges to choose from- the Legend series, Revolution series, Explorer series, and Yacht Range.

32 - 37 m

Spanning 32/106ft meters up to 37 meters/120ft, the Legend series is one of Ocean Alexander’s best sellers. Ocean Alexander Legend range displays exceptional qualities, unsurpassed comfort and impressive interior volume. Legend series is designed by Evan K Marshall. OA 37L is the flagship of the Legend series.

26 - 36 m

R stands for Ocean Alexander Revolution series range, these series include yachts of 26m/84 feet to 35m/117 feet. Ocean Alexander Revolution series yachts can get an enclosed upper bridge. Weather-protected wheelhouse on the upper deck can be turned in an inviting skylounge, perfect for entertaining and relaxation. World-renowned yacht designer Evan K Marshall designed the Revolution series. Every model in the Revolution series will take your breath away. Its vertical bow, stamp to the Revolution series, increases living space without giving in the performance and capability Ocean Alexander is known for.
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27 - 29 m

Ocean Alexander Yacht range spans models from 78ft to 120ft. The earlier Ocean Alexander Yachts were designed by Ed Monk, while the newer vessels are drawn by Evan K Marshall. The smallest flybridge boat is Ocean Alexander 85E, while the largest is an Ocean Alexander 120 yacht.

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