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The history of Nobiskrug Yachts dates back to 1905 when Nobiskrug shipyard in Germany started building naval ships.

Nobiskrug covers a building range from 60 to 426 meters, which is the maximum size of the dock available.

Nobiskrug yachts are built with the 900 in-house workforces, who work at two facilities in Northern Germany, where they have developed and built numerous internationally award-winning superyachts.

Nobiskrug yachts are built in steel and fibreglass what allows the shipyard to create elaborate superstructure shapes, and almost no other shipyard in the world can create such complicated forms.

One of the most famous super yachts 92.4m Motor Super Nobiskrug custom Tatoosh was delivered by Nobiskrug yachts in the year 2000, marking the turning point in Nobiskrug history.

Later on, an Award-winning 68.12m Motor Super Nobiskrug custom SYCARA V was delivered in 2010 to be followed by the striking 73.51m Motor Super Nobiskrug custom Mogambo launched in 2012.

The world’s largest 142.81m Sailing Super Nobiskrug custom A delivered in 2017 has become an industry changer.

In 2019 another ground-breaking yacht was delivered by Nobiskrug-80 m hybrid 80m Motor Super Nobiskrug custom Artefact, setting new standards in environment-friendly yachting. No other world yacht builder has taken this challenge to build such a complex and sophisticated super yacht.

Nobiskrug is recognised today as one of the worlds foremost builders of spectacular fully custom superyachts, Nobiskrug shipyard is built upon a solid foundation of German naval history.

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