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Maiora Shipyard: Crafting Exceptional Italian Custom Motor Yachts Ranging from 25 to 40 Meters

Maiora, a prestigious brand under the Next Yacht Group, has earned a reputation for its flybridge yachts that offer unparalleled space, luminosity, livability, and versatility. These yachts seamlessly connect to the sea, exuding universal and timeless elegance defined by distinct lines and a commitment to exclusivity.

Brand DNA

Maiora yachts are renowned for their surprising onboard volumes, designed to maximize enjoyment of sun and sea. This reflects the brand's innovative expertise in design, style, and construction. With generously proportioned spaces, uninterrupted interaction with light and the sea, and bold, contoured lines, Maiora yachts uphold a truly unmistakable identity. The brand's interpretation of the flybridge incorporates sleek and distinctive lines with a sporty profile, offering extreme versatility through modular configuration options.

Sport Unconventional Vessels (SUVs)

Maiora’s line of Sport Unconventional Vessels embodies pure elegance and dynamism. These yachts are customizable in every detail, representing a harmonious fusion of performance and comfort. Available in various sizes and usage options, they are designed from conceptual inception to be masterpieces. These vessels uniquely blend the features of a traditional flybridge with the sportiness of an open coupé, catering to those who seek no compromises at sea.


Maiora yachts exemplify how large volumes can coexist with high-level performance. Continuous investment in product development ensures perfection in both functional and aesthetic terms. State-of-the-art engineering solutions and diverse interpretations of onboard spaces converge with a single goal: to construct yachts that reflect their owners and consistently stay ahead of the curve. Maiora builds the future, today.

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