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Все яхты Baglietto, построенные Baglietto, яхты в производстве, яхты Baglietto, доступные для продажи и для чартера.

Romeo United Yacht presents Baglietto Yachts available for sale, yachts prices, availability and the projects Baglietto Yachts is ready to offer.

Baglietto builds luxury superyachts in steel and aluminium in La Spezia and Carrara, Italy. The real treasure of Baglietto yachts is the wide diversity of projects in their portfolio. Each Baglietto is unique and constructed according to the wishes of every owner.

Today three model ranges represent Baglietto yachts:

  • Displacement yachts made in steel and aluminium
  • Super Fast yachts built entirely in aluminium.
  • Fast Displacement yachts give the best of both worlds for speed and autonomy.

History and Acquisitions

Start The history of Baglietto runs back to the XIX century when Pietro Baglietto started building boats in 1854. Baglietto celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2014.

Italian Army and Navy cooperation
Since 1900 Baglietto builds not only pleasure yachts but also vessels for the Italian army and navy.
During World War I Italian Navy commissioned to Baglietto anti-submarine armed motorboat or just MAS. Later on, the MAS boat broke the world speed record reaching 50 knots flat out.

Present days
In 2012, Baglietto Shipyard was acquired by the Gavio family, one of the most solid industrial family groups in Italy. Even earlier in 2011, the Gavio group purchased CCN-Cerri Cantiere Navale, another iconiс Italian boat builder. In March 2020, two brands became one, adding strength and visibility for the Baglietto brand.

Today, Baglietto facilities include 35,000 square meters, three hangars, a travelift with 700 tons capacity, and two docks. Baglietto is recognised worldwide for outstanding quality and passion for meeting the owners' needs. Many celebrities have owned Baglietto pleasure yachts through the years. Recently, famous designer Roberto Cavalli became the owner of a Baglietto yacht.

Do not hesitate to talk to Romeo United Yachts professional for a deep knowledge of Baglietto yachts.

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