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Dom 133 Lee
Yacht on display
Port Hercule, Monaco, 27 September-30 September 2023

Baglietto Dom 133 Lee

Baglietto Dom 133 Lee Description

Baglietto Dom 133 Lee yacht is on display during Monaco Yacht Show in Port Hercule, Monaco on 27 September-30 September 2023.
Baglietto Dom 133 Lee features 40.6m Fast Displacement hull made in Aluminium.

Dom 133 Lee reaches 17 knots of maximum speed and cruises at 14 knots. While cruising at economical speed, the range is 4000-6400 nautical miles. Baglietto shipyard delivered her in 2023 as Dom 133 model.
Baglietto Dom 133 Lee has an exterior by Studio Vafiadis and an interior by Studio Vafiadis.
Event takes place in 2023-09-27 to 2023-09-30 in Port Hercule, Monaco.

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Baglietto Dom 133 Lee

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