Perini Navi State of Grace

  • LOA, m: 40
Maximum speed, knots
Beam, m
Displacement, t
State rooms

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  • LOA, m: 40
  • Beam, m: 9.4
  • Draft, m: 3.5
  • Displacement, t: 220000
  • Maximum speed, knots: 12
  • State rooms: 4
  • Fuel capacity, litres: 12000
  • Engine power, hp.: 671 HP - 500 kW
  • Crew: 6

Perini Navi Yachts in database

Headquartered in Viareggio, Italy, with a metalworking facility in Istanbul, Turkey, Perini Navi builds luxury racing and cruising sailing yachts from 40 to 60 metres in length. The shipyard is part of the Perini Navi Group, which also constructs the Picchiotti Vitruvius series of large luxury motor yachts.

History of Perini Navi

Perini Navi was founded in 1983 as a result of Italian paper manufacturer and inventor Fabio Perini’s passion for sailing. Unable to find a large sailing yacht that he could operate single-handed, he decided to create a company to design and build one. At first, Perini Navi primarily was a studio for designing and engineering large luxury sailing yachts, but by 1988, the company began building its own designs.

The design goal for Perini Navi was to create large yachts that could be handled by a small crew, and to that end, the shipyard helped to develop a computerised sail-handling system that would enable sails to be furled and unfurled with the push of a button.

Following many years as a leader in the international sailing yacht industry, Perini Navi entered the luxury motor yacht sector in 2007 with the launch of the Vitruvius motor yacht series by Picchiotti, a sister division within the Perini Navi Group.

Notable Perini Navi Yachts

In 2006, Perini Navi launched the 88-metre sailing yacht Maltese Falcon. Built at Perini Istanbul, the company’s Turkish shipyard, this majestic sailing yacht has three masts with curvilinear spars, naval architecture by Gerald Dijkstraand Partners, and an interior design by Ken Freivokh Studio.

Seahawk, the first yacht in the Perini Navi 60-metre Series, launched in 2013. This all-aluminium superyacht has naval architecture by the shipyard in collaboration with Ron Holland. The shipyard’s in-house team also designed the interior décor for this semi-custom superyacht.

Specialisations of Perini Navi

New custom superyacht construction in aluminium and steel, refits and service work all are provided by the Perini Navi Group, which maintains shipyards in Viareggio and La Spezia, Italy, and the Yildiz district of Istanbul. Perini Navi also provides brokerage and charter services for its clients.

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