asd Продажа моторной яхта MUSE - Cerri 102 Flying Sport


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Cerri 102 Flying Sport
The Yacht is a Cerri 102 Flyingsport, overall length 31.10 m, with deep monohedric gliding V- hull with bezel and hydrodynamic sliding blocks. Building materials, structures and all boat components comply with the quality standard of the Shipyard.

Present location is Golf Juan, South of France.

VAT is not paid.
  • Основная информация

  • ИмяMUSE
  • ВерфьCerri Yachts
  • МодельCerri 102 Flying Sport
  • Тип суднаМоторная
  • Подтип суднаЯхта моторная, Супер-яхта, Океанская яхта, Круизная яхта, Отдых
  • Год постройки2012
  • Размеры и параметры

  • Длина макс. LOA, м.31.1
  • Ширина максимальная, м7.25
  • Осадка максимальная, м1.8
  • Водоизмещение, кг85000
  • Производительность и возможности

  • Скорость круизн., узл.32
  • Скорость max, узл37
  • Запас топлива, л10000
  • Запас воды, л2000
  • Конструкция

  • Режим ходаГлиссирующий
  • Вид конструкцииС флайбриджем
  • Материал корпусаСтеклопластик
  • Двигатели и электроника

  • Тип движительной установкиПривод Арнесона
  • Размещение гостей и экипажа

  • Пассажировместимость10
  • Количество гостей8
  • Гостевых кают (всего)4
The hull and the deck are built in reinforced resin with fibreglass, the superstructure in vinylester resin compound and e aramidic fibre. The gelcoat used is Neopentyl. The resins of the skincoat are in vynilester, which is an excellent protection against the osmosis process owing to its chemical-physical features. The reinforcement fibres of glass and Kevlar are comprised of mat and multiaxial fabric. The deck is built in compound with high density expanded PVC core in order to improve its rigidity and to support an excellent thermo-acoustic insulation. The structural braces, such as stringers, frames and floors are built in expanded PVC coated with multiaxial fibreglass and resin. The watertight structural bulkheads are built in fibreglass and composite plywood, the compartment bulkheads are built in composite plywood. The compound hull undergoes an ultrasound test carried out by a specialist company which certifies the thickness and features of the laminated sectio

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