• Год постройки : 2006
  • Длина, м : 19.51
  • Стоимость : $ 1 084 000
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Ширина, м
Скорость крейс, узлов
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From time to time during this broker’s 40+ years specializing in representing semi-custom and limited production high quality cruising yachts a truly special boat becomes available.  VALOR is one of those boats and she stands at the front of the class.  For more than one reason.I know, I know you say.  I’ve heard this before, and before and before.  It seems like every listing makes this claim.  Every boat is “pristine”, “excellent”, “the best”, “immaculate”.  In fact our society has become numb to those and so many other words of description because when watching a hockey game every save is “exceptional”, every hit is “devastating”, every move “unbelievable”.  Every football catch, block or end run is “tremendous”.  Every product advertised is “the greatest” or “unsurpassed”.What happened to “good”, “nice” or “does the job”?And what is worse when we use the product or show up to see the boat or home or whatever we so often are disappointed and yes, angry because it has been grossly misrepresented.  All those glowing words and descriptions are just not true.  And all those pictures really don’t tell the story accurately.Well this is one time you can believe what the pictures are saying and trust that what the narrative portrays is what you will find.  Because the things you see in the pictures that look like marks on the hull are actually the anchor line or bow wave reflecting in the glistening black hull.  And the picture that comes to mind when reading the descriptions and storyline is what you will actually find when you show up to inspect what might be the finest example of a (Grand) Alaskan 64 Pilothouse yacht.  If I had to describe her in one word?  Striking! And I mean that in only the best of ways.What Makes VALOR so special you ask?  Read on to find out.VALOR is hull #36 of this series of boats built at the Tania Yacht Co. facility in Taiwan and was completed before the importer of these fine yachts slipped into financial difficulty.  The first of her 3 owners (Yes she has had only three owners including the current seller) had her built and was a very hands on buyer who visited the factory more than once during the many months it took to complete this highly customized limited production yacht.  As a knowledgeable yachtsman no detail was over looked and it is obvious that his “better half”, the admiral and other 50% of this experienced cruising couple had a lot to do with the interior layout and details.  They then cruised this beautiful yacht for 3+ years and sold her to another yachtsman from Alabama who cruised her lightly for another 3 years and then put her up for sale.  During her years she spent some time in covered slips and fresh water including the last year of her life under the second owner when she was berthed in a covered slip in Demopolis, Alabama. It was there that the current owners found her and fell in love.  They not only continued to maintain her in proper condition they stepped it up a notch or three.  BAM!  All machinery and machinery services were brought up to date including CAT 1000 hour service for both mains at 2150 hours.  In fact all systems were thoroughly inspected and many items serviced and some even replaced preemptively in preparation for extended cruising.  No detail was overlooked.  The varnish was redone and brought up to “yacht” condition and has been kept that way.  The hull was and has been repeatedly polished with the latest in polymer treatments to maintain her deep mirror like finish.  The Salon settee was removed and more comfortable furniture was installed which also expands the sleeping capacity for when the grand children are aboard.  The fixed varnished cockpit table was removed creating more aft deck space and is in storage as are the three salon/galley counter bar stools.She has just had her annual visit to the yard for 3 coats of fresh Sea Hawk BIOCOP bottom paint, running gear cleanup and refinishing with Prop speed, stabilizer service and exterior & hull polishing.  The CAT electronic displays (ECMs) show 2556 & 2558 hours on her 700hp CAT C-12s.  At the time of purchase the ECMs showed 2115 hours and had burned about 4.3 gallons per hour per engine over that time.  It was noted at that time by the CAT surveyor that “The established overall load factor of the engines in this vessel is exceptional at 21% - 22%.  The load factor is well below the Caterpillar recommended maximum percentage load”.  He further noted “The port engine has consumed 8,973 gallons of fuel to date, and the starboard 9,150 gallons. The engines are designed to consume approximately 150,000 gallons of fuel before a major overhaul, or achieve approximately 10,000 hours. Scheduling preventive maintenance with the assistance of the fuel consumption is the preferred method over engine hours.”  The current owner has continued to cruise her the same way (approx. (9 knots) since purchasing her.  Based on that the current fuel consumption indicates only 7% of the engine life has been consumed to date rather than the 26% the engine hours might indicate (which is still a low number).  Based on this data someone’s grandchildren will be running this boat before these engines need major service.As a wise man once told me “The only Constant in Life is Change” and just such a change in the owner’s lives and future cruising plans means that VALOR is not the right boat for those plans.  Their long range cruising now complete they offer VALOR for sale creating the opportunity for you, the next owners, to realize your dreams of throwing the lines and being free to explore.  Explore local haunts, coastal ports near and far, the hidden harbors of the islands, the beauties of the canals and waterways of the U.S. and Canada on the Great Loop or the splendors of the Pacific Northwest.If these are or have ever been your dreams VALOR stands ready to take you there safely in style and comfort.  She is the perfect size “personal yacht”, large enough to accommodate you and your guests easily but not too big for a couple to handle and maintain along the way.So act now.  Give me a call, because remember;On an ancient wall in China Where a brooding Buddha blinksDeeply Graven is the message “It is later than you think.”The clock of life is wound but once and no man has the powerTo tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour.Now is the time you own, The past is but a golden linkGo cruising now my brother, It is later than you think!

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  • Стоимость : 1084000
  • Длина, м : 19.51
  • Ширина, м : 5.23
  • Водоизмещение, т : 38555.4
  • Скорость крейс, узлов : 1
  • Скорость макс, узлов : 17
  • Количество кают : 2
  • Запас топлива, л : 4921.035314
  • Запас воды, л : 1514
  • Количество двигателей : 2
  • Год постройки : 2006

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